Friday, June 13, 2014

Ways to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally and Fast!

All the organs of our body are precious and our eyes are the most precious ones.  However we do very less to take care of them due to our too busy daily schedule.  But did you know, we can improve our eyesight without contact lenses or glasses? Yes, with the help of eye exercises and proper nutrition for our eyes, we can achieve near 20/20 vision.  Here are some very simple things you can do every day to improve your vision naturally and fast:

Improve Your Eating Habits


Do you know how much damage the junk foods are causing to our health?  Junk foods lack fiber, an very important ingredient for metabolism. Leave those stale junk foods today and make it a habit to take healthy foods always.  Include lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals everyday to improve your eyesight and overall health. Fresh red carrots are the good source of anti-oxidants, the great source of nutrients for your eyes.
 Also intake of right Vitamins and minerals  will seriously help improve your eyesight and will stop it from deteriorating. You should know that Vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin A, C, and E, are all important to eye health.  You may also consider taking food supplements or multi-vitamins, if you think your meals are not having enough vitamins and other nutrients.

Your Eyes Also Need Proper Rest

Sound sleep in the night and breaks during the work day are essential for the health of your eyes. As it may not be possible for you to sleep at your work place during work hours, you should try giving rest to your eyes after short sessions of your work.  The monitor screen of your computer produces lot of radiations which are very harmful to your eyes.  So take at least a 10 minutes break after every 50 minutes of work on your computer.  In this break either you may walk or talk with your friends.
Yes, you may also follow 10-10-10 rule i.e. after every 10 minutes of your eyes on the monitor screen, you should focus 10 feet away from the screen for 10 seconds.
For getting sound sleep in the night, you should always avoid tea or coffee before going to your bed.  You may drink one glass of water and practice deep breath technique for achieving sound sleep.  While taking deep breaths, you should ensure proper resting of each of your body part one by one.  Please try this technique of sound sleep for at least 7 days, feel the difference and share your experience with our readers in the  comment area.

You Should Perform Eye Exercises Daily

To improve your eyesight naturally and fast you should perform eye exercises daily preferably in the morning.  These exercises are very simple and you can perform these at the ease of your home without any additional help.  Also these are very effective and strengthen the nerves and muscles of
your eyes.  These exercises may even totally eliminate the need of contact lenses and glasses.  I will discuss these exercise in my next post or you may find detailed step by step procedure here.

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